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Slightly aggressive atv tires are a perfect choice for those looking to replace their original equipment tires.  There are many choices when it comes to ATV tires and their intended purpose heavily directly affects the handling characteristics of the quad.  If you're unsure of which category you happen to fall in, your best bet is to select from the all-terrain, slightly aggressive category.

Slightly agressive ATV tires are capable of handling all-terrain including trails, fields, rocky, desert, hard and intermediate surfaces.  Slightly aggressive ATV tires are designed for higher speed riding and better cornering stability than more aggressive style treads.  If you find yourself mostly riding trails, hard pack,  and some mud, the all-purpose tire is likely your best bet.

The tread depths of these tires in this category are comparable to slightly deeper than O.E.M tires.  They will ride smooth and "tread lightly" on soft terrain and grassy surfaces.  Most of the tires in this category are 6 ply rated, which increases the puncture resistance and tire stiffness compared to most tires on factory equipped ATV's.

Interco Swamp-Lite ATV Mud Tire
Starting at $68.80
22"-29" for 12" wheels
27"-29" for 14" wheels
ITP Mud Lite ATV Mud Tire
Starting at $79.95
22"-28" for 12" wheels
27"-28" & 30" for 14" wheels
Maxxis Ceros ATV Mud Tire
Starting at $93.00
23", 25" & 26" for 12" wheels
26" & 29" for 14" wheels 
27" for 15" wheels 
Kenda Bear Claw ATV Mud Tire, 25-8-12 pictured
Starting at $71.80
22"-27" for 12" wheels
ITP Terracross ATV Tire
Starting at $121.80
25"-26" for 12" wheels
26" for 14" wheels
ITP AT 489 ATV Tire
Starting at $106.80
22" to 26" tire sizes
EFX Motohammer Tires
Starting at $179.00
27", 28" & 31" for 14" wheels
30" - 32" for 15" wheels
32" for 16" wheels
STI Chicane RX Tires
Starting at $146.80

26" for 12" wheels
28", 30" & 31" for 14" wheels
30" - 35" for 15" wheels
DOT approved


EFX Hammer Golf RZR 170 Tires
Starting at $104.90
22" for 10" wheels
23" for 12" wheels and 14" wheels
Carlisle All Trail / All Trail II
Starting at $89.80

20", 22"- 25" for 8", 10" & 12" wheels

ITP Ultracross R Spec
Starting at $104.80
23", 27", 28" for 12" wheels
27"-30" for 14" wheels
29", 30" & 32" for 15" wheels
34" for 17" wheels
GBC Afterburn Street Force ATV Mud Tire
Starting at $94.80
25" for 12" wheels
26" - 27" for 14" wheels
DOT approved
Duro Frontier Radial Tire
Starting at $97.80

25" - 27" for 12" wheels

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