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Skat Trak Casing Rear Paddle Tire

Skat Trak Casing Sand Paddle Tire
Starting at $485

30" - 32" Sizes


Brand new from Skat Trak are the sand tires developed exclusively by Skat Trak. Through extensive research Skat Trak has now designed their own line of four ply rated tire casings. The rear tires feature a wider, flatter profile similar to buggy-style paddle tires. In true Skat Trak fashion, the casings are buffed to shed weight. The rear tires have the sand paddles vulcanized in place. Sidewalls are not buffed as standard, providing additional strength and proudly displaying the Skat-Trak name.

Also new are the wider 'Talon' and 'Demon' paddle options that stretch across the entire width of the tire. The paddles have increased the attachment surface area where they attach to the tire. This resists separation and improves the paddle's adhesion to the casing. The Talon paddle measures 13/16" tall, while the more aggressive Demon paddle stands 1-1/16" tall. The Talon is an all around great paddle for dune riding, while the Demon provides additional bottom end hook-up traction and hill climbing ability!



  • Optional configurations of paddle count and type
  • Super light design
  • Rough buffed tread area for weight reduction
  • Sidewalls are unbuffed for added strength
  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Wide footprint, square profile
  • Rim guard
  • Four ply rating
  • Two available paddle types
    • Talon 13/16" tall
    • Demon 1-1/16" tall


Skat Trak Rear Paddle Sand Tires

Tire Size Paddle Config
Part Number 
~Rollout Max Load
30"       lbs @ 18 PSI    
 30-12.5-14 [10] Talon 10T30x12.5x14ST 95-96" 900 22.0 $485 Sold Out
 30-12.5-14 [12] Talon 12T30x12.5x14ST 95-96" 900 22.3 $510 Sold Out
 30-12.5-14   [14] Demon 14D30x12.5x14ST 95-96" 900 22.7 $560 Sold Out
32" - 14"            
 32-13.5-14 [10] Talon 10T32x13.5x14ST 100-104" 900 26.6 $515 Sold Out
 32-13.5-14 [12] Talon 12T32x13.5x14ST 100-104" 900 26.9 $540 Sold Out
 32-13.5-14    [14] Demon 14D32x13.5x14ST 100-104" 900 27.5 $595 Sold Out
32" - 15"            
 32-13.5-15 [10] Talon 10T32x13.5x15ST 100-104" 900 26.3 $515 Sold Out
 32-13.5-15 [12] Talon 12T32x13.5x15ST 100-104" 900 26.6 $540 Sold Out
 32-13.5-15    [14] Demon 14D32x13.5x15ST 100-104" 900 27.2 $585



Tire Size
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Skat Trak Talon Demon 32 15 Wheel

Skat Trak Casing!
32x15 tires for RZR Turbo S / Maverick X3

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