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Gorilla Silverback

Gorilla Silverback ATV Mud Tire
Starting at $155.80
27" & 28" for 12" wheels
30" & 32" for 14" wheels
Gorilla Silverback tires are an aggressive tire with die hard mud performance in mind.  Features deep tread with wrapping lug bars all the way to the bead.
  • Features a 2" deep tread
  • Intermittent lug bars wrap all the way to the bead.
  • Self cleaning, mud shedding tread design.
  • Soft tread compound.
  • 6 Ply Rating
  • Spacing between tread bars is between 4-1/2" to 6"
  • Rim-Guard feature
  • Made in the USA!
 Gorilla Silverback Tires
Tire Size
Part Number
Tread Depth
27" (lbs) (in)
30" - 14"
32" - 14"
  • These tires will be close to their stated size when mounted on wheels.  For example a 28" tire is 28" tall, when new with full tread.
  • Gorilla Silverback tires are designed for the muddiest mud.  
  • Weight comment: 30-9-14 Silverback weighs 39 lbs vs a 29.5-9.5-14 Outlaw 2 weighs 48 lbs.
Tire Size:*
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Gorilla Silverback tires and wheels
27" - 28" Tire Sizes
Gorilla Silverback tires and wheels
30" - 32" Tire Sizes
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  • Currently 3/5 Stars.
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Best Mud Tire out there...
I have owned everyone of the pure mud tires made...and the Silverbacks are by far the best out there. They will pull you through anything...they paddle just as good as the others on the market. I have 28x10x12's and I would never get rid of mine or go back to Outlaws.
  • Currently 3/5 Stars.
Rating: 5/5
Posted by Mark Barnett
01/29/2010 - 07:32 AM
Best Mud Tire there is
You wont Find a better pure mud tire around.. When others are going around the hole you will go threw the hole with Silverbacks. These tires dont know when to quit.. Like they say about silverbacks, If your not running them you are Running behind them
  • Currently 3/5 Stars.
Rating: 5/5
Posted by Chris Gaddy
12/01/2010 - 03:44 PM
Gorilla Silverbacks
I love my Silverbacks they make my bike look mean I have heard a lot of good things about them they are way badder looking in person only thing I don't like is that they weren't there true weight mud throwers says the 27x10x12 are 32 lbs but they are actually 34.4 lbs now its not a big deal or a big difference but for my ATV weight is everything
  • Currently 3/5 Stars.
Rating: 5/5
Posted by S Peters
01/13/2015 - 05:48 AM
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